RAM Trucks is one of the most durable and popular truck brands in the world. RAM Trucks are the standard for tough and durable trucks.

RAM allows fans to ride and drive a variety of RAM Trucks on its RAM ride and drive promotional events across the country.

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Project Goal:

They wanted something that would help them continue the momentum created at these events. Their challenge was directing their fans to a specific online experience specific to the ride and drive and being able to track this engagement.

Digitize Your Brand provided Ram a custom plastic BuzzCard which was given to fans to plug into their computer driving them direct to a customized website with all RAM truck digital assets. RAM invests alot or time and resources at their Ride and Drives and handing their fan a tool that continues that experience online is invaluable.

Tech Solution:

RAM leveraged the plastic BuzzCard which when plugged into a any computer directs their recipients to a custom online experience. This online experience for RAM integrated collateral, lead gen, data capture and links. The BuzzCard can also link to any website or other online transaction.

Results that count:

The RAM BuzzCards received over 45% engagement rate of fans plugging into the RAM custom web microsite.

Looking for tools that help continue the momentum from your event or show? BuzzCards are a great tool that helps insure your customers know where to go and how to get there.

Project Goal

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