Dell is a large corporation with many different products for both home and work applications, including laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, storage, routers, switches, monitors, printers and projectors.

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Project Goal:

Dell’s software team was having difficulty providing targeted information to its business customers that directed them to the right and best information. Communicating with their business partner channel is vital to Dell Software success.
Their own website was a challenge because that information is spread out over many different site areas and they also had disparate information over different web channels. They also wanted to increase the user experience by streamlining and directing their business partner channel to the best most relevant content every time.

Our Task: Digitize Your Brand provided to Dell a BuzzCard that drove traffic to a custom landing page/microsite with datasheets, whitepapers, ebooks and brochures that they could hand out at tradeshows, meetings and channel marketing campaigns. The ability for the Dell team to direct users efficiently and quickly to online information was vital to their outcome.

Tech Solution:

Dell leveraged the plastic BuzzCard which when plugged into a any computer directs their recipients to a custom online experience. This online experience for Dell integrated collateral, lead gen, data capture and links. The BuzzCard can also link to any website or other online transaction.

Reward or sweepstakes programs can be added for music or movie downloads, as well as restaurant, retail or travel vouchers, or to give away prize of your product/service or any other award.

Results that count:

Dell has been using the BuzzCards for 3+ years and has averaged upwards of 40% activation on different campaigns

If your looking for ways to drive your online traffic BuzzCards could be your perfect fit.

Project Goal

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Solutions using QR Codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth (BLE) technologies.