20th Century Fox has been entertaining people since it began as a tiny theater on New York’s Lower East Side in 1904, with hand-cranked films shown against a painted wall, to become the behemoth movie production house that we know today, now cranking out great movies as X-Men and Planet of the Apes.

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Project Goal:

When Fox was promoting the release of these movies, it partnered with Target to promote a special VIP offer for super fans that could only be redeemed on the Target website or in-store.

They wanted something easy and inexpensive to produce but would create a lasting impression on its super fans, who would be invited to participate, granting them a special significance, as well as to drive traffic to its partner, Target.

Digitize Your Brand provided to Fox a co-branded Paper BuzzCard with a movie incentive and Target’s logo. For Planet of the Apes and X-Men a limited offer was provided increasing the significance to the fan. This plugged directly into the exact location on Target.com supporting Fox and Targets objective of driving fans directly to this online experience.

Tech Solution:

The Paper BuzzCard with its cool die cut shape and full color graphics was the perfect cool delivery for this online campaign. Fans could easily take this from the physical interaction at ComicCon with a clear call to action by plugging into any computer which instantly launched them to Target.com. No urls to remember or e-mails to check. Instant participation to those special fans who were lucky enough to receive them.

Results that count:

The success of this campaign has lead to a in store retail display at Target stores promoting the pre-release of these movie titles. Fans at retail can now be part of this special offer and access.

If your in the retail/consumer channel one of the challenges these days can be how to leverage digital in store. Paper BuzzCards are a great tool that can help your consumers interact post retail visit driving more engagement easy call to action.

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